ActiveFax enables you to easily integrate the fax service into different operating systems, like Windows, DOS, or UNIX.

ActiveFax can be used to integrate the fax and E-Mail functionality into various different environments without the need for extensive modifications. Additionally to the use in Microsoft Windows systems, the Fax Server can also be used for sending fax documents and E-Mails from any other operating system, for example UNIX. ActiveFax supports all important network protocols (e.g. LPD/LPR) for the connection to the Fax Server. Therefore, sending a fax message becomes as easy as printing a document. Furthermore, it is possible to send fax documents to the Fax Server with a serial interface (RS-232) or the file system (NFS, Samba, etc.). ActiveFax interprets the printer sequences of HP-LaserJet, Epson-LQ and optionally Postscript. This guarantees that a fax message or E-Mail is exactly of the same appearance than the corresponding printout. So-called data fields can be used to specify the parameters (recipient, subject, priority, etc.) already from within an application.


• Runs on Windows 95/98/ME and Windows NT/2000/XP
• Fax transmissions and E-Mail from any Windows application using a special printer driver
• Fax transmissions and E-Mail from UNIX using LPD/LPR, FTP, TFTP or RAW-Port Connections
• Inward Dial Routing using Direct Dial Numbers (DDI, MSN), Caller Identification (CSID) or Line Routing
• Automatic printout of incoming fax messages and sending reports
• Application controlled definition of fax parameters (subject, recipient, priority, etc.) using data fields
• Formatting of fax messages using printer sequences of HP-LaserJet, Epson-LQ and Postscript
• Sophisticated User and Security Concept
• Data exchange with external databases using ODBC
• Fax-On-Demand Server and Client (Fax Polling)
• Least Cost Routing and automatic optimization of the transmission times
• Support of Cover Pages and Overlays
• Automatic Archiving
• Support of all common fax modems, ISDN adapters and Dialogic Gammalink Faxboards
• Internet access through direct connection or dialup connection with RAS
• Support of HP Digital Sender 9100C
• Automatic hardware detection and configuration by the Setup Program
• Terminal Server (Citrix) support